All About Dom Fuas


Welcome to my cantina!

My name is Dom Fuas Roupinho. I am a British Shorthair, born in Spijkenisse, Netherlands.

I was named after a famous Portuguese Templar knight and, from early age, I showed a special talent for cooking and eating.

I am a great admirer of Slow Food and Cucina Povera and make sure nothing is wasted in my kitchen. In spite of being a Cordon Bleu chef I have a very easy going attitude – I do not wear a chef hat because my ears get hot, but I love to cook wearing clogs. Wooden ones.

Choose a table and I will bring you the menu. Enjoy!

All material is copyrighted Maura Paoletti, Buruneko Images. If you are interested in licensing one of the photographs for commercial purposes, non watermarked, high resolution versions of most of the pictures published on this blog are available: please contact

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13 responses to “All About Dom Fuas

  1. Dear nephew,
    would you be so kind and prepare us a table ? It will be perfect if you have one with ocen view!
    See you tonight,
    Eveli and Siebert

  2. Astrida Plenty

    It is my husband’s 60th birthday in August and I wondered whether you would be able to provide a ‘special’ menu for me. His favourite is seafood

    Bigus Birdus

  3. Dear Aunt Eveli,

    Your table is booked. Sea view. Candle lit.

    See you tonight.

    Dom Fuas

  4. Dear Bigus Birdus,

    I will be delighted. I presume this is going to be a “dinner for two” event, yes?

    Don’t you worry. I can create a menu full of delicious things, but easy to prepare. Nothing expensive but still absolutely yummy, that’s my speciality, you know. Frugal Chic.

    Will get in touch with you to learn a bit about Mr. Bigus Birdus’ preferences.


    Dom Fuas

  5. I like your pictures and simple instructions for recipes. Where are you from ?

  6. I came here from your flickr page, and love your blog. By the way, i’m portuguese and liked na name of your blog and your cat is beautiful. I’ll add you to my reader 🙂

  7. Vim aqui parar através da Moira. Adorei o D. Fuas Roupinho, o blogue, as receitas, as fotos.

    um beijo

  8. I came here from your flickr page, and love your blog. By the way, i’m portuguese and liked na name of your blog and your cat is beautiful. I’ll add you to my reader RegardsMoira

  9. Hello,
    Lovely that you have named your cat after a 12th century Portuguese nobleman named Dom Fuas. Lovely because I am a cat lover, a History reader and because I am from Portugal. 🙂 I have adored that! 🙂
    Good luck w/ your cooking (that I also enjoy).
    Mónica V.

  10. Olá. Acho que não venho enganada… é sobre uma girafa que habitava o zoo de Lisboa e nos era trazida por uma Maura que partilhava num diário as suas impressões…? Se não vim enganada, gostava apenas de dizer que recordo com muitas saudades aqueles textos. Obrigada.

    • Miucha, teu comentário ficou perdido aqui e só vi hoje. Sim, sou a mesma Maura do Diário de Lisboa. Fico feliz em saber que gostava dele. 🙂



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