A Taste of Brazil – Cuscuz de Tapioca (coconut tapioca dessert)


A traditional dessert from the Northeast of Brazil.

Very easy to prepare (no cooking required), and delicious.

100 g tapioca coarse flour
200 ml water (non vegans can use milk)
200 ml of coconut milk
70 g grated coconut (fresh or dry)
50 g sugar (or to taste)

In an ovenproof dish, place the tapioca, coconut and sugar and mix well. Boil the water with the coconut milk.
Pour the boiling milk over the dried ingredients and mix well.
Cover with a tablecloth towel, folding it around the dish and leave in a protected place. This makes the tapioca to cook and soften. Leave for two hours, check if its softened, taste the amount of sugar and add more if you want to. Place it in the refrigerator.

The traditional way to serve this is adding shredded (or hydrated) coconut and drizzle with condensed milk. I find this option to be too sweet for my taste so I usually make a coffee or chocolate cream to cover it.


2 responses to “A Taste of Brazil – Cuscuz de Tapioca (coconut tapioca dessert)

    Sure it’s hard to find tapioca flour in Italy!

  2. I am from Recife, Pernambuco, but I have never seen this dish. I know tapioca, tapioca cake, etc but not this one. It looks yummy! I got try…Thanks!

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