some like it hot – red pepper oil


I love peppers, chillies and anything fiercely spiced.

I keep two different homemade pepper condiments in my kitchen – a fresh pepper cream in the fridge and red pepper oil – and I use them often. I also always have dry piripiri in a jar for adding an extra wow! to a dish.

Place a dry or fresh laurel leave on the bottom of a jar (to avoid mold).
Fill with crushed red pepper flakes and cover it with warm olive oil.

Let it cool, keep it on a dark and dry place and forget about it. 30 days would be ideal. The longer you leave it, the better.

I cannot give you the right amount of ingredients because this is one of those recipes where individual tastes have to be adjusted. You can always dilute the flavour of the oil to your taste adding more olive oil.


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