Instant Creamy Coffee


With this recipe you will be always ready to make wonderful caffe lattes and cappucinos with that delicious layer of thick foam in 5 minutes. No special machines required. 🙂

One envelope – 50 gr of instant coffee
100 gr of sugar
200ml of boiling water

Beat on medium speed everything for about 10 minutes, until it reaches the point of whipped cream. The more you blend, the better and the tastier it will be.

ATTENTION: Use a very large bowl because it more than doubles its size.

With this you can make:

Caffe Latte (coffee with milk) add a full tablespoon to a cup of hot (soy, almond, rice or cow) milk. For an even tastier version add chocolate powder and cinnamon

Cold coffee – Blend with cold (soy, almond, rice or cow) milk.

Milkshake – Blend with your favourite ice cream and some (soy, almond, rice or cow) milk

It’s also works very well as a cake/crepe filling.

Keep on a tupperware in the refrigerator (4 weeks) or freezer (3 monts).

It does not lose consistency, but if it does just beat it again for a couple of minutes and it will go back to normal.


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