Astrida’s African Beef with Quinoa


I do not use measurements for this one, so it’s a case of tweaking it here and there to your taste

Cubed stewing beef – enough for two
1 chopped onion
A couple of carrots chopped or sliced or more if you like
Beef stock – enough to make a good sauce
Fresh chopped tomatoes or small tin of already prepared
A dollop of peanut butter (large or small!!)
Paprika (as much or as little as you like)
Salt and pepper to taste

Saute onions until golden
Brown the beef
Add the stock
Dollop in the peanut butter
Throw in the tomatoes
Sprinkle in paprika
season a little

Put in oven on low heat and cook slowly until beef is tender

However, after about an hour I usually taste and then add more peanut butter, paprika and seasoning if needed (I always add all three in fact – lol)

The peanut butter helps thicken it but if you need to add arrowroot or similar.

I usually serve with plain boiled potatoes and broccoli as it is quite rich. But I think plain rice might go well with this.


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