Whole wheat and coconut milk tart crust


When I first heard about using coconut milk instead of butter I was intrigued.

I gave it a try months ago and was immediately seduced. It cannot be simpler to make and I have fallen in love with the taste and texture of this crust. It’s very light and you don’t notice the coconut at all. You can add any filling you want. If you want a sweet crust add one tablespoon of honey.

The tart in the photo has a black olive, red pepper and heart of palm (palmito) filling.


1 cup whole wheat flour
150ml coconut milk (more or less depending on the flour)
a pinch of sea salt

Place the flour and the salt in a bowl (you can use a food processor prepared with a dough blade or a bread machine set on dough). Add the coconut milk progressively, enough for the dough to detach from the bowl and form a ball. Don’t forget to shake well the bottle (or can) of coconut milk before using it!

If not using immediately, make a ball, wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and keep in the fridge.

Roll your dough and place it in molds (I used non stick removable bottom molds). Make holes with a fork at the bottom. Put the filling (always at room temperature, never hot). Bake for 20-30 min for the tartlets, a little longer for a bigger tart. Remove and let cool.


One response to “Whole wheat and coconut milk tart crust

  1. Essa massa é uma maravilha, também tenho que a experimentar. Uso muitas vezes leite de coco cá em casa, mas essencialmente em pratos de peixe ou aves.
    Beijinho e bom fim de semana

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