Turmeric-Cumin Tofu Nuggets


Crunchy,  spicy and delicious!

1 block of firm tofu frozen and then thawed

– this is a must – when you freeze tofu its texture changes making it perfect for fried recipes, if you don’t do this the tofu will get soggy and won’t keep it’s shape.

Squeeze the water several times. Cut the tofu in irregular pieces.  Reserve.

In a plastic or paper bag put

1/2 cup of rice flour (for extra crunchiness)

1 tbsp turmeric, 1 tbsp cumin, ½ tsp salt.

Mix with a spoon.

Put the tofu pieces in the bag, close it and shake vigorously so all pieces are evenly coated.

Heat the oil in a pan or wok and deep fry the nuggets until golden. Dry on paper towels to remove excess of oil.

Serve with any kind of sauce you like.  I like to make a very spicy mango or tomato chutney to serve with them.


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