I love Cucina Povera* – Lasagna di pane (Bread Lasagna)

Leftover bread? Make Bread Lasagna.

“The filling can be whatever you want. You can use tomato sauce, bechamel sauce or a combination of both”

The recipe below refers to the lasagna pictured above.

Cut the crusts off the bread slices. If they are soft and fresh, you can dry them briefly in the oven but don’t let them get crisp or brown. Butter the bottom and sides of the baking pan generously. Spread tomato sauce or bechamel sauce in a thin layer in the bottom of the pan. Cover the bottom with a single layer of bread slices. Place them close together but you don’t have to fill every small crack or hole. Spoon about 2 cups of sauce onto the bread and spread it evenly.

For the photo above I made a layer of sliced zucchini (preferably mandolin sliced so they are really thin). Then a layer of eggplant. Sprinkled some Oregano and black pepper. Press down gently, then sprinkle 1 cup of grated cheese evenly over the top. Repeat the layering. The last one has to be of bread. Cover the bread with 1 or more cups of sauce, spread evenly. Sprinkle another cup of cheese over the top of the lasagna.

Bake the lasagna covered with aluminum foil for about 45 minutes (Be careful not to let the foil touch the cheese). When ready, remove the foil and return the lasagna to the oven and bake until the top is deep golden-brown.

Let it cool a bit and cut in squares. Serve with green salad.


One response to “I love Cucina Povera* – Lasagna di pane (Bread Lasagna)

  1. ok, this sounds fascinating 🙂 like a grilled cheese on steroids!

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