Frozen tofu

Freezing tofu is a very simple process that changes the texture of the tofu and makes it absorb flavor much better.

It also keeps practically forever which is wonderful and very handy. If you aren’t cooking for too many people or if you don’t use tofu very often cut your tofu into serving size chunks before freezing it.

You can either drain the tofu and freeze it wrapped in plastic wrap or freeze it in the original container – that’s what I do. From the grocery bag straight into the freezer.

Tofu naturally changes colour when it freezes, changing from creamy white to a yellow tinge. Don’t worry, the change of colour doesn’t indicate spoilage. Actually, the freezing increases the “nuttiness” of the tofu flavour.

You can defrost it by leaving the tofu in the refrigerator overnight or leaving it out on a counter. You can also boil it in water or broth. Or use a microwave.

After the tofu is defrosted, squeeze the water out of it like a sponge, press out with a paper towel then slice and cook the tofu as desired.

I’ve also frozen tofu in bite size pieces/slices but you have to spread them all out on a sheet to freeze so they don’t stick.

Why freeze it? Well, the texture change not only makes it more chewy, but also more absorbent to flavour. Wonderful for baked, grilled or stir fry dishes.


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