Yogurt in a thermos

Love yoghurt? Me too.
Don’t have a fancy yoghurt maker and the traditional homemade method (keeping warm wrapping on blankets, etc) seems to complicated for you? Me too.

Why bother making yogurt, I hear you ask. Well, it’s actually just too easy to make it not to do it! You decide what goes in and what stays out, controlling the fat and sugar content. PLUS PLUS: no preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings (unless you add them).

Have a thermos? A bottle, a mug or a big cup will do. A metal one is preferable but not mandatory.

You need:

Milk – the amount depends on how much fit in your thermos
1 tablespoon plain yogurt – room temperature
1 tablespoon powdered milk

Any type of milk will work for making yogurt. Whole, low-fat, skim, evaporated, raw milk, pasteurized, sheep or goat’s milk, or powdered milk. You can add sweeteners such as honey, malt, maple syrup, molasses, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, or artificial sweeteners as desired by your personal taste. Always add them after scalding the milk.

Scald the milk. Put it aside, let cool a bit. Test the temperature with (1) a thermometer (105-110 degrees F is ideal) (2) your fingers, if they do not melt when you touch the milk, it’s ok. Remove film from top and discard.

Add the starter. Add the powdered milk.

Incubate the yogurt. Pour the mixture in your thermos, close it and wait 4 to 6 hours. Do not shake or disturb during incubation. After 3 hours, check to see if yogurt is set by gently tilting the container. If yogurt is set and firm, place it in refrigerator and chill for 6 hours before serving. If not, continue to incubate.

In an airtight container, this yogurt will last for about 8 days in the refrigerator. You can freeze it for up to several months but smoothness will be lost after thawing. Not a problem if you use the yogurt in cooking, annoying if you want to eat it fresh. Plan accordingly.


5 responses to “Yogurt in a thermos

  1. I had no idea it was that easy!

    • Me neither. 🙂
      I have been making fresh homemade yogurt for almost six months now.
      I use a small camping thermos – Jorge does not like yogurt – and I have enough for a week of breakfasts or 4 days if I eat yogurt at breakfast and as a salad dressing. Not bad for a spoon of store bought yogurt. One cup makes enough yogurt for a month.

  2. I think I might do this, as I’ve been trying to figure out what to take to work for breakfasts, and I’ve been thinking about making granola with yogurt.

    • Bircher Muesli!

      A Swiss marvel. I am mad about it. Never a dull breakfast. I will take a photo and post the recipe tomorrow.

  3. OHHHH great!!! Thanks!

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